From our Chairman

The next five years will be a challenging and exciting time as the school adapts to a rapidly changing environment. ...

After extensive consultation with our community, this plan captures the voices and aspirations of key stakeholders, to reflect our collective vision for the school over the next five years.

This strategic plan reflects our commitment to maintaining the high standards of educational and co-curricular offerings that PEGS has become known for, and it also outlines our commitment to care and wellbeing. All this is supported and enabled by the sound governance principles which will continue to provide continuity and stability going forward.

Our Board is cognisant of the successes of the school to date, and of the support required for the objectives outlined in this plan to be realised, and we remain committed to providing this support.

We look forward to seeing our school continue to grow and prosper as we bring this strategy to life over the next five years.

Bruce Henderson


From our Principal

As we reflect on the School’s 150 year history, through celebrating the anniversary of ... the opening of our two Foundation Schools, Dorset House Ladies’ School (founded in 1871) and Carlton College (founded in 1872), it is fitting that we consider both our history and our future.

Our past remains important to us; it has provided us with many occasions to celebrate, many instances where we have responded to challenges and it has created the conditions which have enabled us to thrive. The community consultation we have engaged in through the development of the strategic plan has emphasised the importance of our history and traditions to our current community.

Our community has also recognised the importance of ensuring that our school continues to adapt in order for our students to have the skills and dispositions they will need to thrive in a complex and dynamic world.

This plan has been developed with respect for our history, and excitement for our future. We celebrate the strengths that have enabled our success, and we use the evidence base to plan for future successes, which will see our school continue to take its place as a leader in education.

At the heart of being able to create this culture of exceptional learning, deep engagement and wellbeing, is our people. We thank and celebrate those who have brought our school to this point and we ask for the ongoing support of everyone in our community as we seek to achieve the objectives outlined in this document.

Kate Dullard


Our Vision

What we are working towards.

A community engaged and empowered in the shared pursuit of excellence in learning for an enriching present and an exceptional future.

Our value proposition

Who we are.

Our school is respectful, inclusive and safe, and an exemplar for the pursuit of learning. We create future-ready ... thinkers and learners by challenging and supporting each other to be more and do more. We embrace a diamond model of education, where boys and girls learn in both single-sex and coeducational environments, to promote learning and social and emotional development. We are proudly a Christian based school that also values the diversity of our community; we provide a welcoming environment to people from all faiths and backgrounds. The education and the breadth of opportunities we provide establish the foundations that enable students to respond to challenges, adapt to a changing world, contribute to society, and thrive.

What this strategic plan is built upon.

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and thinking

Care and

and connections

and sustainability


Our success

Making our strategic vision possible

  • Our people.

    Our success is built on our talented and motivated staff, the capacity of our leaders to drive improvement, the tenacity of our students, and the dedicated support of our parent and alumni communities. ...

  • Our commitment to excellence.

    Through the right mix of challenge and support, our students learn to try and try again, always seeking to better their last effort. Our staff empowers this behaviour through reflective practice, fostering a culture of collaboration, and working towards continuous improvement.

  • Our practice and our progress.

    We build for the future from a proud tradition, a position of established strengths, and a forward-thinking culture. Our programmes are rich and diverse. Our practice is informed by evidence, data and feedback, and we apply our knowledge as it evolves to build progress.

  • Our attention to governance.

    The school’s steady, strategic and future-focused planning ensures we will always have the most efficient and effective resources, assets, infrastructure and systems in place to achieve our vision.